Are you tired of wasting precious hours each day writing and responding to emails?

If you find that this non-productive task is taking up a good chunk of your morning and preventing you from focusing on what really matters, then it's time to try SimpleMail.

Our AI technology streamlines your email writing process, freeing up more time for you to work on the things that truly drive your success!

Artificial intelligence, like ChatGPT, is revolutionizing the world and helping consumers and business owners save valuable time. In fact, recent statistics show that AI can save up to 80% of time wasted on writing tasks.

Many business owners are even reporting increased revenue from AI generated emails.

“Cosmetics company Sephora reported a 50% increase in the number of purchases”

“Clothing retailer H&M reported a 700% increase in revenue”

“Travel website Expedia used AI to optimize their subject lines and saw a 30% open rate”

But not all AI solutions are created equal. Many don't integrate with Gmail or offer features like summarizing lengthy emails, writing emails with bullet points, or removing language barriers.

Enter SimpleMail - the comprehensive AI solution for effective communication and more productive communication and workflows.

SimpleMail is the ultimate AI solution for email writing. With just a few bullet points, it can create error-free and grammatically correct emails in seconds.
Summarizes lengthy emails into concise notes, saving you valuable time with just one click.
And when it comes to email replies, SimpleMail takes the guesswork out of tone by offering positive, negative, and neutral options - all with just one click.

How it works

Compose from points

Write professional emails from notes. You get work done in only 20% of normal time.


Summarize large emails into points, precisely!

AI reply

Taking auto reply to the next level. AI choose right words for you depending on your input and the situation.

AI compose Function

You just write point forms, ignore grammar and upper/lower cases
AI will generate a professional email for you
No grammatical and spelling errors
Click on refresh button to generate another version, if you don’t like the first one
Every email the AI writes is an original one

The Summarize Function

How many long emails do you receive everyday? Imagine someone reading them and telling you only what is important?
Let the AI summarize the email for you with just one click
Saves your time, efforts and energy to read whole emails
You can save the summary as notes, so you don’t need to type them
AI knows what is the most important information

The AI Reply Function

You choose from Positive, Negative and Neutral
AI draft an email based on your choice and email you received
Click different button to generate a new one, if you change your mind
AI replies on each of the important points to reply to
Ideal for both work and personal use

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I install it?

Just click Sign up for free and follow instructions on the link

Does it work with Outlook?

It does not work with Outlook at the moment, we are working on platforms other than Gmail

Do you have an app for iPhone or Android?

Open beta only works as a Chrome extension, we are aiming to release app version in 2023

Does this work with Yahoo, iCloud and other email accounts?

The current version only work for Gmail account, please click join now so we will send you an update once it supports other email accounts

It is free for ever?

We will start charging a small monthly fee once the open beta finishes. As long as it is still under open beta, it will be free to use

Simplemail is a start up company that aim at allowing everyone to take advantage of AI technology


Simplemail is currently under Open Beta, you can try it out for free!